What Is The Benefit Of Having An Open House

My logic on an open-house is simple, to a certain degree sales is a numbers game, and the more people who see your product the better chance you’ll sell it!  That being said tons of unqualified people walking through your open-house won’t do anything for you either.  Ultimately, so we aren’t wasting our time, or the time of our Sellers, here is our open-house gameplan…

  1. We send out an email blast and social media blast to our lists of qualified Buyers inviting them to our open-house.
  2. We cross promote our open-house to other agents hosting an open-house that day as well. This enables them to send potential Buyers our way if they think it would be a good fit.
  3. As we host the open-house we are very focused on weeding out the ‘Nosy Neighbours’ and the ‘Sunday Drivers’ who are out killing time from the actual Buyers. Internally we’ve developed some strong sales techniques and probing questions to allow us to do this effectively.