What Household Renovations Have The Best Payback?

Disclaimer: To be precise you really need to have an experienced Realtor come look at your property to provide you with detailed guidance that is specific to your property type and location.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here are some of the items we see providing clients with the best payback:
1.  Simple curb appeal is a great place to spend some time and money to generate a return. Seeing as everyone judges a book by its cover, why not give them a nice cover to judge!
2.  Minor Kitchen and Bathroom renovations are always a safe bet. One thing to take note of, this does not typically include fully redoing either of those spaces as that can be very costly.
3.  Furnace replacement, especially in our cold climate is another very safe place to invest money where we see a positive return.
4.  Lastly general household maintenance is arguably one of the best places to invest as it isn’t expensive and a lot of times you can do it yourself. Essentially you want Buyers when they enter your property to see a well-cared for HOME, not a property with dented walls, burnt out light bulbs and so on.