How to Buy a Home in Multiple Offers

In a Seller’s market Buyers often ask us “how can I be successful in multiple offers”?

Jokingly we tell Buyers “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”!  But seriously, if you want to increase your chances in multiple offers, here are some key tips:

  1. Consider doing an inspection before offers are submitted;
  2. Consider getting financial approval before offers are submitted;
  3. Draft a letter, including a photo of you, to the Seller praising them & their home (flattery goes a long way). Also tell the Seller about yourselves so they can relate to you;
  4. The day offers are submitted ensure your Realtor presents your offer in PERSON to the Sellers. Also be sure you as Buyers are at the location offers are being presented so you can action small changes immediately if required;
  5. Lastly and arguably most important, use a Realtor with a strong handle on the market who will keep everyone making level-headed decisions.