Stephen Harvie

I have bought and sold five (5) homes within a span of 20 years using a variety of agents so I am not new to realtors and marketing homes through them, by far my experience with Adam has been the best without exaggeration. I first listed with Adam back in 2011 and unfortunately at that time we did not have much success due to circumstances outside of both mine and his control. I eventually decided to rent and wait for the market and circumstances in the area I lived to abate prior to re-listing which I did in the Spring of the 2016. My decision in selecting Adam the second time around was the initial experience I had with him the first time and with the added stress of listing a property while living outside of the country I knew I could rely on Adam to take address any issues that could potentially arise.

From 2011 to the time I decided to re-list in 2016 Adam maintained communication with me which further served to impress upon me his commitment and his “Not giving up attitude”. I entrusted my listing to Adam and his team and as expected he was successful in selling my property. My property was extremely unique both in location and being an updated century home attractive for that unique buyer. His ability to work with me, manage expectations on potential offers, consistent feedback concerning the housing market within my region, and feedback from visits was in short was a refreshing change from what I have experienced from other agents I worked with in the past. He ensured my property was effectively represented on a myriad websites and social media reaching potential buyers interested in both price point and uniqueness of the property. Further, he actively took step in successfully addressing a glitch to the MLS board in rectifying an imprecise regional location on their MLS system of my property listing. This was resolved after the fact my listing expired with Adam in 2011. Adam Mills is a patient and service driven professional who will to go above and beyond to ensure that your expectations in a realtor are met. Of note, I am not accustomed nor have I ever provided a testimonial on any service I received in the past however, I truly feel that Adam Mills and his team warrant my sincere appreciation in their efforts in realizing the sale of my home and allowing me to move on. Choosing a realtor comes down to a personal choice and the right fit for you in this case Adam Mills and his team of professionals were the right fit and I am fortunate to have the pleasure of working with them.