When my parents bought a condo in Westboro as an investment property and asked me to help them find a tenant, my past experience with the Adam Mills Team made me instantly recommend its services. And within three weeks, Adam had found a suitable tenant. I know my parents were very impressed with his efficiency and professionalism. We have only good things to say about him and his team.

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Brigitte Calixte

I would just like to state the professionalism and kindness that was provide by Adam and his team. The flow of the processes involved in selling a home were seamless and turnaround with professional advice was most appreciated.

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Mike & Carolyn Wlotzki

As a new home buyer, I didn't know what I was looking for in a realtor. I hoped for someone who knew the area, who understood the stress of buying, who knew my price range and what I was looking for, who would answer my many questions, and someone who would give an honest opinion. Michela turned out to be exactly what I needed. She took the time to get to know me as a client to ensure that she understood really what I was looking for. She was available to answer all of my questions. When it came time to make the first offer, she showed me comparable and clarified reasons for the prices said comparables. When that house wasn't right, she helped me find an even better place and then worked late into the night to ensure that it closed properly.

The biggest thing that impressed me with Michela is that if she didn't know the answer to a question (again there were many) she would find the answer and explain it in detail to a non-real estate mind.

On closing, even after her job was done, she helped me deal with some of the pitfalls of being new to the real estate game.

When buying, what you really want is someone who is in your corner and wants to make sure that you find the right place for you. If this is what you're looking for then Michela is your best choice.

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“While fumbling in the dark to get the key in the door, Luc and I found the care package you left us at our new house. Thank you SO much for being so thoughtful, and so generous! We weren't expecting it, and I almost teared up from the kindness of it… Honestly, it really helped make our first trip to the house feel like we were actually at OUR home. You've gone above and beyond to make this experience not only easy but fun, and we are really very grateful.”

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Luc & Lindsay Solomon

I have bought and sold five (5) homes within a span of 20 years using a variety of agents so I am not new to realtors and marketing homes through them, by far my experience with Adam has been the best without exaggeration. I first listed with Adam back in 2011 and unfortunately at that time we did not have much success due to circumstances outside of both mine and his control. I eventually decided to rent and wait for the market and circumstances in the area I lived to abate prior to re-listing which I did in the Spring of the 2016. My decision in selecting Adam the second time around was the initial experience I had with him the first time and with the added stress of listing a property while living outside of the country I knew I could rely on Adam to take address any issues that could potentially arise.

From 2011 to the time I decided to re-list in 2016 Adam maintained communication with me which further served to impress upon me his commitment and his “Not giving up attitude”. I entrusted my listing to Adam and his team and as expected he was successful in selling my property. My property was extremely unique both in location and being an updated century home attractive for that unique buyer. His ability to work with me, manage expectations on potential offers, consistent feedback concerning the housing market within my region, and feedback from visits was in short was a refreshing change from what I have experienced from other agents I worked with in the past. He ensured my property was effectively represented on a myriad websites and social media reaching potential buyers interested in both price point and uniqueness of the property. Further, he actively took step in successfully addressing a glitch to the MLS board in rectifying an imprecise regional location on their MLS system of my property listing. This was resolved after the fact my listing expired with Adam in 2011. Adam Mills is a patient and service driven professional who will to go above and beyond to ensure that your expectations in a realtor are met. Of note, I am not accustomed nor have I ever provided a testimonial on any service I received in the past however, I truly feel that Adam Mills and his team warrant my sincere appreciation in their efforts in realizing the sale of my home and allowing me to move on. Choosing a realtor comes down to a personal choice and the right fit for you in this case Adam Mills and his team of professionals were the right fit and I am fortunate to have the pleasure of working with them.

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Stephen Harvie

My spouse and I moved to Ottawa in late June of 2015 for a job opportunity I'd taken. I was referred to Adam through someone I met at work. Being a first time home buyer in a new city meant that we had a tremendous amount of questions. We were looking to make our single biggest investment to life and wanted to make sure that we had all of the angles covered. We met with Adam and it immediately clicked for us that he was “our guy”. Adam is at the top of the food chain when it comes to realtors – there's no other way of putting it. He had an answer to all of our questions, connected us with a mortgage broker to get pre-approved and to start looking at various mortgage options. He set up visits, replied to our email requests at all odd times. Unfortunately, after a year in Ottawa we're forced to move again and will not be able to complete our first transaction with him. We advised Adam of the change and he immediately offered to help us with another realtor in Windsor where we would be moving. It's truly commendable that he provided us with excellent service during our search and even once he knew that he was not going to “cash in” on our business he still continued to offer help. If you're looking for a well-informed, sharp and pressure-free realtor – he's your guy without a doubt!

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Max Charbonneau

Trevor and I had a great experience working with Michela. We saw a few other real estate agents but what really stuck out the most was how down to earth and patient she was. It seemed like she truly understood what we wanted to look for in a house as opposed to just “a great kitchen” or “nice bathroom” like most sales intensive real estate agents. Seeing as this was our first home, Michela really understood that and explained everything to us as thoroughly and real as possible. We never felt like we were being haggled or pressured into anything with Michela and she was really open and honest about the whole real estate/buying process. We are absolutely in love with our new home and it suits us completely and it's because of Michela's organization, hard work and perseverance that we can call it a home. If we ever know anyone who wants to buy a house we won't hesitate to recommend Michela as she offered us an amazing experience.

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Jenni Hanna-Jones

Thank you Adam Mills, Amanda Heath and team – you were all terrific! We really appreciate all your time and effort, including multiple open houses – that you did on our behalf to sell our property. Always professional and always informative, we truly couldn't have asked for more. Sincerely – Thank you!

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Robin & June Gosling

We have worked with the Adam Mills Team twice now and have nothing but great things to say about them. Adam and his team go above and beyond to not only make sure you get the best value for your home but you can tell they appreciated each one of their clients. I am a person that asks a lot of questions and Adam was more than happy to answer every one of them. I would recommend anyone to go with Adam and his team.

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Maggie & Jamie McAdams

Recently engaged with Adam Mills Team to sell my Stittsville home and purchase a new home in the same region.

Without reservation, the best real estate related decision I ever made!

My wife Jill and I were absolutely impressed by the entire process, in particular the professionalism, dedication and commitment displayed throughout. Everything transpired like clockwork! Nothing was left to chance and any potential bumps were quickly smoothed over before they became issues.

My home sold quickly and efficiently and at an acceptable price. As a military family, we felt Adam and his team were completely in tune with our unique military relocation requirements. Frankly, we had poor agents in the past, thus prior to selection, we thoroughly interviewed 5 different agents before selecting the Adam Mills Team. It was abundantly clear they were head and shoulders above the rest. During the interview they were well prepared and eager to provide their services. They were the only team to invite us over to their offices and provided detail market survey info prior to selection. They were confident in their team abilities and knew the team concept provided an advantage for the client. I got it!

Our new home is wonderful and the entire process was first rate. Adam Mills team is the real deal! They work as a team, moreover, a well-oiled machine, therefore provide enhanced service over their competition. Of note, Adam, Michela, Amanda and Monique were readily available throughout when called upon to help me navigate the real estate process. They adapted to our unique pace and family requirements. Jill and I were integrated into their team concept and each and every decision was made from an informed perspective. Interestingly, the initial home we attempted to purchase failed the inspection process, we were devastated but without delay the Adam Mills team didn't flinch, retooled and assisted in finding us a new home, indeed a better home, ultimately the right home for our retirement! Thanks Michela!

This was our 8th move in 30+ years and without question, the most well organized and pain free move to this stage that we experienced, a testament to the Mills team experience.
Overall, Jill and I were more than satisfied by the entire process. As a senior military officer I will recommend the Adam Mills Team to all my friends and anyone who needs top quality real estate needs. They're friendly, smart, personable and above all first rate! We recommend them to you highly.

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Mike & Jill Collacutt

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