Mike & Jill Collacutt

Recently engaged with Adam Mills Team to sell my Stittsville home and purchase a new home in the same region.

Without reservation, the best real estate related decision I ever made!

My wife Jill and I were absolutely impressed by the entire process, in particular the professionalism, dedication and commitment displayed throughout. Everything transpired like clockwork! Nothing was left to chance and any potential bumps were quickly smoothed over before they became issues.

My home sold quickly and efficiently and at an acceptable price. As a military family, we felt Adam and his team were completely in tune with our unique military relocation requirements. Frankly, we had poor agents in the past, thus prior to selection, we thoroughly interviewed 5 different agents before selecting the Adam Mills Team. It was abundantly clear they were head and shoulders above the rest. During the interview they were well prepared and eager to provide their services. They were the only team to invite us over to their offices and provided detail market survey info prior to selection. They were confident in their team abilities and knew the team concept provided an advantage for the client. I got it!

Our new home is wonderful and the entire process was first rate. Adam Mills team is the real deal! They work as a team, moreover, a well-oiled machine, therefore provide enhanced service over their competition. Of note, Adam, Michela, Amanda and Monique were readily available throughout when called upon to help me navigate the real estate process. They adapted to our unique pace and family requirements. Jill and I were integrated into their team concept and each and every decision was made from an informed perspective. Interestingly, the initial home we attempted to purchase failed the inspection process, we were devastated but without delay the Adam Mills team didn't flinch, retooled and assisted in finding us a new home, indeed a better home, ultimately the right home for our retirement! Thanks Michela!

This was our 8th move in 30+ years and without question, the most well organized and pain free move to this stage that we experienced, a testament to the Mills team experience.
Overall, Jill and I were more than satisfied by the entire process. As a senior military officer I will recommend the Adam Mills Team to all my friends and anyone who needs top quality real estate needs. They're friendly, smart, personable and above all first rate! We recommend them to you highly.