Kari & Peter Christiansen

We were referred to Adam Mills through our realtor when circumstances prevented her from assisting us with our house hunting in Ottawa. You see my family and I were transferred from Calgary to Ottawa and unfortunately the only time we were able to come to Ottawa was thanksgiving weekend and we only had 3 days to find, offer and inspect a home. Adam was nice enough to give up his holiday to assist us and we are very thankful that he did.

We were put into contact with him about a week before we were to arrive and we told him what we were looking for, type of house, type of location and price. From that he compiled a bunch of houses that we could look at on MLS and provide him feedback so he could refine his search based on our needs.

When we arrived in Ottawa on Friday, Adam was prepared for us; he had a binder that listed everything that we would be seeing that day and the next as well as information on the areas like schools, shopping, medical and other amenities. He also had water and snacks ready for us in the car. This doesn’t seem like a big thing but for us it was, after a long flight and the time change, this touch was considered very thoughtful and we were touched by the gesture. Throughout the site visits that evening Adam was very knowledgeable about the areas and was able to let us know things that as a new person to the province we would not know.

After our first day of viewing houses, Adam realised that what we were looking at did not quite meet our needs. Based on this information he was able to locate a house that was not on the scheduled viewings or currently listed but that he felt we would like much better and he was able to arrange a viewing for the next day. Well long story short, we loved the house. The yard had what we needed and the house met our needs. We were very impressed that Adam was able to ascertain exactly what we wanted even though we were unable to articulate it to him. We were also impressed that he was able to adapt his game plan when he realized that it wasn’t working. This was a very important aspect of our house hunting as we only had 2 days before we were flying home and really didn’t have the time for a lot of trial and error.

Now that we had found a house the next steps were the negotiation and inspections. In both of these aspects we found Adam professional and easy to work with. He had arranged to have an inspector on call to assist us thanksgiving Sunday even though at that time we did not have a house picked out. Adam also acted as our proxy when we returned back home to Calgary, there were several times when we needed photos for the insurance or measurements for one reason or another. Adam was always available to us and could get us a response within the hour. He also assisted us with the lawyers and was our liaison with the seller. He was able to complete the necessary home renovation inspections on our behalf and for that we are grateful.

Thank you Adam, I feel that our transfer to Ottawa and the purchase of our home could not have been as smooth if you hadn’t been there to help us, to guide us and to offer your friendship. I would not hesitate to refer you and your company to others or to ask you to assist us in the future.