Jenni Hanna-Jones

Trevor and I had a great experience working with Michela. We saw a few other real estate agents but what really stuck out the most was how down to earth and patient she was. It seemed like she truly understood what we wanted to look for in a house as opposed to just “a great kitchen” or “nice bathroom” like most sales intensive real estate agents. Seeing as this was our first home, Michela really understood that and explained everything to us as thoroughly and real as possible. We never felt like we were being haggled or pressured into anything with Michela and she was really open and honest about the whole real estate/buying process. We are absolutely in love with our new home and it suits us completely and it's because of Michela's organization, hard work and perseverance that we can call it a home. If we ever know anyone who wants to buy a house we won't hesitate to recommend Michela as she offered us an amazing experience.