Jared Burns

After years of working directly in the mortgage industry, I finally decided to take the plunge as a first time home buyer. I spent a lot of time talking about it, but had yet to actually make a move. Adam was referred to me by a co-worker and close friend whom had nothing but praise for his hard work and dedication as a realtor. Immediately after my friend has passed along my information, Adam was in touch with me to set up a time to meet. After meeting with Adam, he made me feel comfortable with the entire process and he was very attentive, and super easy to relate with. As I had previous mortgage experience and was familiar with the key terms, Adam skipped the intro level talk and went right into the meat and potatoes. He explained the process from start to finish without missing a step. Adam is extremely open and never hides things to make a quick sale. He is willing to put in as much time as needed to ensure that his clients end up in that perfect home. He added a lot of value with his knowledge of the industry. He was able to answer questions as to property value, market price vs. list price, and even interior layout and resale. Adam has a firm understanding of Ottawa and the surrounding area without having to do secondary research. Adam is attentive, friendly and has a great sense of humor making doing business with him very easy. I would without question refer to him to friends and family, as well as utilize his services in the future. Adam truly helped to take the nerve out of buying my first home.