Ian Buckley

Adam was recommended to me back in 2014 by a mutual friend. This has been a very beneficial introduction for all parties involved. We have used his services 3 times since. Adam helped evaluate an income property we owned in 2014. He gave us a market summary and his opinion on whether to sell or not. On his advice we held on to the property (weak market at that time) and he gave us an excellent property manager contact. We just recently used him to sell this property (2019) as the market had shifted and the unit sold before listing.We also used Adam to help us re-locate from NS to Ottawa (to purchase a home) a few years ago.

There are many things that we appreciated about Adam and his sales team. He is very organized and responsive to your demands. He is truly out for your interest. I am always VERY skeptical of people making commissions off of my decisions and I never once felt pressure from Adam. He is able to provide his expert/experienced opinion, and helping you make YOUR decision.

I always strongly recommend Adam if anyone is looking for an agent and we will definitely use him again in the future.