Harish & Gita Bhatt

I had a preconceived notion  that listing your house for sale in winter is rarely a pleasant experience for both the buyer and the seller. Who would want to go to an open houses in frigid temperatures, icy walkways,  navigating snow to get to the house? Add to it my nightmare of constant cleaning and staging.  Well,  Adam Mills and his team proved me wrong. My husband had no such preconceived notions. He is a very optimistic person. The first time my husband and I met Adam, we felt very comfortable with his approach,knowledge of the market, his professionalism and  patience in answering our questions( though my husband maintains I put Adam through an inquisition ), walking us through the process of showcasing the house on you-tube,   and most important of all, the timelines. After the first meeting, we knew we had found our realtor. From start to finish, it was a smooth and  painless process. Thank you Adam for the excellent service and working with my family and I to make it happen.