Cindy & David Sheehan

My wife Cindy and I recently sold our home in Orleans Ontario with the help of Adam Mills team. First and foremost there was absolutely nothing but positive feelings throughout the listing and the sale. Adam's team was professional, courteous and very transparent through the whole process. We were kept informed of comments made after visits and after the one open house that we had. When a first offer was received our discussion was honest and open. The first offer was garbage and Adam provided us his opinion that it was indeed, garbage. When we received an offer from another buyer that was more to our liking, but not enough, the negotiation began. It was quick and, in my opinion, above board and resulted in a quick counter offer that resulted in the sale of our house. Adam does make you think about your house. He did a walk through with us looking at this and that and offering suggestions on what we could/should do to make the house more appealing. Some we acted on, some we didn't. All in all a very positive experience for something as stressful as selling a house.